In late 2013 I was experiencing stomach pains, and my family doctor recommended that I take a food intolerance test to see if that might be causing my issues. After getting the results I found that I had a high intolerance from over forty foods. I decided on my own to go cold turkey and eliminate these food items. A big mistake as I started losing weight, where I was not too heavy to start with, and energy. I knew that I had to get some professional guidance as I couldn’t keep going on the way I was.
This is where Anna came into the picture, after being recommended by a friend. Although I was out of town for the winter, we corresponded by telephone and email. She had me keep a daily diary of what foods and quantity I ate each day. She changed my diet and suggested that I take probiotics, and changed my eating habits and intake. I started gaining back some weight and slowly gained back my strength.
Fast forward to summer of 2014, and Anna is still sending me emails to see how I am doing and recommending different food items.
Anna is a very caring person, and I would definitely recommend her for any issues that you might have.

“My daughter Julianah developed eczema when she was 5 months old and then severe blepharitis at 9 months old. Anna was instrumental in helping control both these conditions through her diet. Even though I had to eliminate many common foods, Anna created meal plans to make sure she was getting the right amount of nutrients for a growing baby. But as time went by it was obvious that there was something very wrong with my baby. She was developing at a very slow rate and wasn’t growing or gaining weight! I went to many different doctors and specialists to find out why but no one could or would help. It was a constant stream of referrals as I kept hearing she didn’t fit in any of the “boxes”.  When navigating unfamiliar waters to both doctors and as a parent, it was very scary and very overwhelming, but I had Anna by my side every step of the way, encouraging me and never giving up on Julianah.  Anna was going to find her “box”.  Finally, at Anna’s suggestion I brought my daughter to a geneticist. He tested her for a syndrome of some kind, but when the test results were negative, he said she was just meant to be small. I didn’t believe that. Meanwhile, Anna was still looking for her “box”, she just wouldn’t give up. She was determined to find the root cause of my baby’s health issues which were getting more and more serious. Then together with the geneticist, she discovered that Julianah had a rare disorder which could be treated by giving her large doses of Zinc.  Anna saved my daughter’s life. Now, she is 3 years old and absolutely healthy and thriving! Although I live in Florida, Anna was able to help me via email and telephone consultations. We owe Anna everything!”
Angela, (Coral Springs, Florida)

Anna is very knowlegable and offered multiple options to help with the problem I was dealing with. She provided me with a great level of service. Even after our intial consultation she kept informed of my progress for months.
Brian, (Montreal)

“Just wanted to say thank you to you because if it was not for you I would probably still have the severe stomach cramps I had been getting since I was 12, just by providing me with simple little tricks I have been able to control the attacks. The info you gave me was nothing drastic and it did not require too much of me and my routine was not changed from night and day, it required simple tasks and making little changes which in the end is something I still use and have even told my brother to use them as well. So thank you once again for making the stomach pains go away and providing me with the little tricks that I can do on a regular basis to avoid the unnecessary cramps. It made it easier that I felt very comfortable with you. I have told my brother to get in contact with you as well and I would gladly tell others.”
Tania B. (Montreal)

In late 2012, I was diagnosed with Myokymia and Asthenopia for a severe eye strain, never-ending eyelid quiver and overuse/exhaustion of the ciliary muscle. By nature, I had visited an optician and then an ophthalmologist hoping that my problem would be solved. They said obvious things like “avoid computer screens” – kind of difficult when you work 40+ hours on 3 large screens. It wasn’t till a few weeks later I decided to meet with Anna from Good For You Nutrition, and I was really impressed with her overall knowledge and expertise. Using her recommended supplements, vitamins and by adding certain foods to my existing diet; I saw an instant change in the overall condition of my eyes. I did not know that certain nutrients in specific foods would be able to make a difference; but Anna made things clear and easy to understand and I would recommend her for any issue you may have.
Brendan L. (Montreal)

“My son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at the age of 10 months. Anna provided me with guidance to ensure that my son had a complete and healthly eating plan. She would always keep in touch to see how he was doing.”

Anna has been helping me with my son Noah ever since he was a baby and started to eat solid foods. After a lot of research, I decided not to give him cow’s milk and Anna created a meal plan that made sure all his nutritional needs were met. It was a relief knowing what foods to give him so that he would grow up healthy. As my son grew into a toddler then a preschooler, Anna continued providing valuable information so that I could keep giving him foods that met his changing nutritional requirements. To this day Noah continues to eat only healthy foods. Even though it’s not the typical American diet, he rarely asks for junk food even if he sees it at school or on TV.  Maybe his friends think his lunch and snacks are weird, but he thinks their food is weird! When Noah started school this year, his teachers soon complained that he often had problems focusing with school work.  I didn’t have to think twice, I turned to Anna again for advice because I was sure she could help him with nutrition. I didn’t want to start medicating him at 6 years old! It gives me peace of mind knowing that Anna is always there for me, whether it’s a question I have or I just need support, she is knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend Anna in a heartbeat!
Angela L.



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