Kid’s Health


Love and good food always brings out
the best in a child!

Providing a nurturing environment and wholesome food is basic as ABC for your child to be healthy, happy AND as smart as possible. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean protein along with avoiding overly processed, refined and chemically laden foods will enhance intellectual development.
In school or out, you can help your child reach their optimum learning potential.
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Does your child want to eat the same thingscarter eating 2c
over and over again? Loved a particular
food for weeks and then hates it? Won’t
try new foods? Are you worried they
aren’t getting all the nutrients they need?
You’re not alone! Most children go through
a stage of being fussy with their
food. Fortunately, it’s temporary and they’ll
outgrow it! While your child is going
through this stage there are things you can
do to encourage them to be more
accepting of different foods AND to get all the
nutrients they need for their growing bodies.
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KIDS & JUNK FOODjulianah eating a cookie-b

Junk food is everywhere! It can be a constant
source of temptation for most children.
They’re exposed to it on T.V., at stores,
at friend’s houses and even at school.
If allowed to choose a snack without fear of being scolded, most kids would pick
soft drinks, chocolate bars, chips and candy. Their world of nutrition is ruled by
taste buds and not knowledge of biochemistry.

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